The Organization

The Organization

Like many things in this world Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers was born out of tragedy, in 1994 a young Ashley Krestianson lost her way and life south of Tisdale.

The massive search spawned the development activity in communities with the goal of providing volunteers to assist the RCMP should such an incident happen again. The RCMP in turn realized they would need to have trained people to help with such a search. The RCMP and representatives from the communities met and SARSAV became an entity.

SARSAV became the umbrella to member chapters (community oriented) and under the direction of the RCMP started getting trained. The training standards have grown to be part of the National umbrella for Canada and continue to grow and be monitored. The high quality of training and organization has created "Search and Rescue Professionals" both paid and unpaid.

The evolution of SARSAV continues, and the relationship with the RCMP in search and rescue has become more of a partnership. SARSAV, the RCMP, along with new partners such as the Ministry of Justice go on making Search and Rescue in Saskatchewan a model that is envied.

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